Since 1975

  Our History

HARRY PASKALIDS, a Greek immigrant, while working as a logging camp chef, had a dream of opening a restaurant. After years of hard work, Harry, his three brothers Paul, Mike, and Billy finally opened Little Billy's Steak and Lobster house at 2nd and Nanaimo.

From this beginning, ten more locations were in the Lower Mainland and Little Billy's became a recognizable name. During the past thirty three years, Little Billy's has kept its doors open in one form or another and through good economic times and bad. Finally, Little Billy's nestled on a side street located in a residential area and thus changed its name to Little Billy's Hideaway. For 17 years, it was a favourite of local neighbors, a place where they could relax. On March 27, 2007, the restaurant fell victim to a fire which leveled the building and two stores beside it. Little Billy's was totally destroyed.

Now Little Billy's food (and the family that creates it) could only be found at family events and at functions catering to the customers who could not live without the familiar Greek touch.

Determined to start again, Harry, Irma, and their son Billy (and his wee one, Little Billy) undertook the daunting task of finding a new location, a new concept, a new look and a new menu. Through courage and hard work this large and close-knit family has worked to combine the favourite dishes valued by their customers over the years with new flavours created by Chef Star Love.

Here we are again, folks! Welcome home to fine and family dining at the new Little Billy's.